Monday, December 08, 2008


I saw Twenty:20 on Sunday.
I enjoyed the movie. It has something for everybody. Mohanlal, Mammooty, Suresh Gopi, Dileep, Jayaram, and Indrajith get major screen time.

Almost all important artistes of Malayalam cinema figure in the movie.
The movie directed by Joshiy is produced by Dileep and his company Grand Productions.
A string of flops and now Dileep is as happy as the Cheshire Cat laughing all the way to the bank.

The movie is essentially a suspense and revenge drama. Indrajith is accused of murder in a Bangalore Medical College. Mammooty as the dashing lawyer Rameshan Nambiar saves him and secures his release.

Indrajith is found murdered while returning from a party and Mohanlal is arrested for the crime. Sukumari and Kavya plead with Mammootty to save Mohanlal. Mammooty visits Mohanlal in jail and after some inquiries argues on his behalf. All circumstantial evidence is found to be misleading and Mohanlal is found not guilty.

The movie moves in to top gear from this point. Watch out for the scene where Lalettan transforms from a meek and simple vegetable dealer to the powerful Deva Devan. The way he folds the mundu and wears the glasses. The theatre erupted with claps and whistles.

Mohanlal says that he was indeed the killer and will kill two more people. Slowly the pieces fall into picture Dileep was Mohanlal's brother who was killed by Indrajith. Dileep and Bhavana were in love and Bhavana testifies against Indrajith in court.

The confrontation scenes between Lalettan and Mammooka are top-notch and Suresh Gopi does a super job as Inspector Anthony Punnakadan. Mammooty locks Mohanlal in his flat daring him to escape. Mohanlal breaks the windows and jumps into the swimming pool from the top floor. The young brigade of Prithvi, Jayasurya, and Kunchako are reduced to item-boys.

There are a couple of songs in the movie. One a Dileep and Bhavana duet in Mauritius and another a sizzler by Nayanthara who looks fabulous. In a later twist it is revealed that Bhavana is Mammooty's sister.

The customary climax fight is there and the movie ends with justice being done and the villains Shami Thilakan, Manoj K. Jayan, and Siddique being killed.

Full paisa vasool go watch it.

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