Thursday, December 04, 2008


It pains to write this...
The Mumbai terror act that happened last week is not the first terror attack in India.
Mumbai blasts in 1993. The train blasts. The Godhra carnage. Attacks in the northeast. There have been numerous incidents, but what was special this time. Why so much hue and cry?

The bare facts are as follows:

Last week the terrorists struck at the Taj, the Oberoi, Nariman House and the Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus. If you would have observed the various news channels they kept showing clips from the Taj, Oberoi, ans Nariman House. The CST attack got the least coverage.

It was really frustrating to see the the Page 3 crowd Alyque Padamsee, Rahul Bose, Shefali, Farooq Sheikih and a host of other theater and cinema personalities with their debate.

Is the common man really so different from the rich.
Does the blood of the common man come cheaper than that of a millionaire?
Lots of disturbing and unanswered questions.
It is very evident there is a clear schizophrenic divide when news is being portrayed in the media.

I hope this is the last post by me on these attacks, I have just not been able to focus on anything else for a week. The picture of the little child Moshe crying in the synagogue haunts me and keeps coming back. The dead bodies piled up in the hospital.

The anger, the plight, the desperation.....
I hope this is the end....

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