Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Another Christmas has gone by. An unusually calm and silent one. I did not visit any of my friends or go to a movie. I just stayed at home reading a couple of books. I saw some movies on TV in the evening.


I got a beautiful leather planner with a pen as a gift from my Chrischild. I gifted my Chrischild a figurine of a dog and a greeting card. My Chrispa gave me a pen-stand and I gave him a pen. Coincidence!

We are having a New Year Bash this evening organised by the office management.


A prayer for all those who lost their lives in the Tsunami. Four years have gone by-the memories of that dreaded day still haunt me.

Man may make great progress and claim to have conquered everything. But when Mother Nature decides to launch her fury we are nothing but helpless puppets.

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