Wednesday, December 31, 2008


So one more year is about to end and a new year is going to start.
Wishing everyone "HAPPY NEW YEAR"


raja said...

hi mahesh,
hope u r doing good. it's been a long time. and one good news. priya has put all her efforts and atlast successfully released the wordsworth- december issue. i've decided to write articles from january. well. somebody has to make it interesting. right? thought i would do that. december issue had a lot of poems from helen,articles from priya, chandini,chandrasekar,a sick quiz from siva,and a story from ur blog. and wishes for a grand new year. let's welcome it with a lot of dreams and hopes(if only they happen). anyways wishing u and ur family a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and keep blogging.

note: U forgot to add KURUVI in the top ten movies of 2008 ;->

mahesh said...

Hi Sevitha,

Seems you are having fun at work. It would be great if you would be contributing articles to Wordsworth.

Howz everyone at office? Convey my new year wishes to everyone.

Do you blog?
If so will you send the link.

Take care and have a super-duper 2009.


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