Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What Now?

So one terrorist was caught alive. 200 people have been killed, quite a few have been injured. Two landmarks of Mumbai have been partially burnt. The pride and safety of an entire city/nation has taken a severe beating.

We can just be angry and frustrated and suggest measures like war on pakistan, killing all politicians, calling for a new revolution and a hundred other things.

Nothing is going to happen as a result of our rants.

The government in all its procastinating best will do something or the other, some heads will roll in the political circles. Life will continue.

A couple of anniversaries will pass candles will be lit; then another attack in some other city and the whole cycle shall start again.

We can only pray for a better tomorrow.
The present is an extremely distorted picture of fear, paranoia, and violence.
Hoping for an end to this endless whirlpool of violence and terror.

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priloza said...

The worst part is that a handful of (so-called pakistani) terrorists have managed to bring an end to all efforts at peace between India and Pakistan and bring us back to square one.

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